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One Line Bio

The Independent Music Fund is your place for all things related to the world of independent music. Album reviews, concert journals, recommended artists, or just make fun of U2 and Creed.

About, Bylaws, Other Information

Welcome! The IMF is your place for all things music. Reviews of albums and concerts, lists of tour dates, interviews, music videos, artist profiles, just general music talk, anything goes as long as it is about music. Any level goes, indie, major label, underground, some dude in his basement, or international. Any genre fits, rock, pop, punk, hip hop, classical, folk, country, even William Shatner's spoken word. If it's music, the IMF welcomes it.

A word of warning, if your favorite band is Creed, Coldplay or Journey, you can write about them, but you'll still get made fun of ;-)

The Rules

The rules are pretty simple. Anyone can join, and I even encourage everyone to do so. Anyone can write or seed anything about music to this group. If you see something musical around newsvine, clip it here while you're at it.

If I see anything not music related, I'll trash it. If I see any repeat offenders, I'll kick you off and force you to listen to "MMMBop" on repeat.